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Only Childs over the age of 13 and Childs over a height of 150 cm / 60 inch, donít need a child seat anymore and just need to fasten the regular seat belts.
If requested we can provide to you, child seats of all classes and baby seats , of course for free.

Seat class

Childs Weight

Childs Age

Class 0

Class 0+

Class I

Class II

Class III

up to 10 kg

up to 13 kg

from 9 to 18 kg

from 15 to 25 kg

from 22 to 36 kg

up to 9 months

up to 2 years

8 months to 4 years

3,5 years to 7 years

6 years to 12 years

You determine departure time and place. So we preserve valuable - your time.
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